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Retiring with Debt and afterlife expenses
Becoming sick or injured before or after retirement

When approaching retirement, you may think that insurance is a waste of money, as your super balance will cover any necessary costs.

For some people this may be a considerable approach, but a lot of people will make this mistake. If you retire with debt to your name and suddenly pass away this debt falls back onto your dependents. Debt can be described as still having a mortgage, paying off a credit card or other personal debts.

However, with life insurance this can all be covered without causing financial harm to your family. The same as when you get older the unfortunate thought of death occurs. The amount of grief and remorse your family may incur is unimaginable. You must think about how you are able to financially benefit them even when you’re gone.

One reason to maintain your insurance is because insurance can cover a funeral ceremony which can cost anywhere between $4000 up to $15,000. Obviously when you’re gone your family is going to make the decision, however your decision to help them financially is up to you now.


If you manage to fall sick or sustain an injury prior to retiring this can impact your superannuation payments which ultimately affect your retirement plans. To simply avoid such a tragedy, by having insurance you will get paid for relief of missed work and your retirement dates and funds will remain stable.

A major reality to consider is how it is becoming much more normalised to continue to work part time after retirement age. There are many reasons for doing this with some being it’s a way to make extra money, creates a sense of purpose and allows you to stay active. With all this being said, when you reach that retirement age, your body isn’t as strong as it used to be, leaving you more prone to injury.

With insurance it will cover those expenses you may receive whether that be hospital related or just being unable to physically go to work.